The only job board that saves you up to $9,600 in taxes per new hire

TaxCreditJobsBoard connects employers with job seekers that have been pre-screened for tax credit eligibility. TaxCreditJobBoard also automates the paperwork employers require to receive tax credits.

Millions of job seekers qualify their employer to receive tax credits; however, the majority of businesses do not apply for these credits because they are unfamiliar with the process. The TaxCreditJobBoard Can help you find qualified employees and automate the paperwork required to receive your tax credits.

How Does TaxCreditJobBoard Work?

Step 1

Job seekers answer a series of questions when they register that determines if they meet the criteria of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program, which provides employers with up to $9,600 tax credit if they are hired.

Step 2

Employers may configure job seeker matching criteria. The system will send notification as soon as a match is found.

Step 3

Job seekers will be neatly managed in an easy-to-use system that also displays the values of tax credits you may earn $9,600, $5,600 and $2,400.

Step 4

Once you hire an employee, TaxCreditJobBoard will automatically complete the required paperwork you need to receive your tax credit!

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